Slimming SuperPlaster®


Skin2.jpgSlimming SuperPlaster is highly effective and natural way to lose weigth.

 With Slimming SuperPlaster whole body weight loss, unbalance of hormone secretion, normal weight but expects the beauty shape and belly reduction.

Slimming SuperPlaster advantage to your health and addition physical condition.

Slimming SuperPlaster are made with natural ingredients, combination natural herbs whose are use in old national medicin (China, Japan and India) and modern bio-technology (using far-infrared ceramic powder).

Safe both for  women and man and there are no side effects.

Help to lose weight fast by reducing food craving, speed up metabolic rate and lower your calories. With slimming SuperPlaster you can lose weight quickly and safely.

Slimming SuperPlaster have the most important world certificates (CE, FDA, ISO 9001).

Produst Description


Slimming SuperPlaster


Ginseng , Rhubarb , Aloa Vera, Herbal Bitters, Gynostemma Pentaphyllum-Jiaogulan , Cassia Seeds, Chinese Wolfberry, Honeysuckle and Far-infrared Ceramic powder

Applicable People

For female and male


7,5x7,5 cm/ 5,8 diameter

Use for

All people older then 12 years

It is only for external use


Easy and conveniet to use

No stimulation for skin

Safe&effective.pure natural extract, no side effect.


Why are our slim patches no stimulation

  1. pre-sleep applying. Lasting to release the medicinal ingredients into body (8-12 hours.
  2. 15 days circle (consistent to Female physiology)
  3. it is not recommended to people with ilnes liver, with open wounds or broken skin, in pregnency, lactation and children on 12 years above.


Actually see the waste fat and waste liquid absorbed by the patch- absorb 1,7-1,8g waste fat/liquid by one patch on average.

Lose weight up to 4 kg in 1 tretman course ( 15 days constitute on treatment course)

Clinical test result after 5 treatment courses:

  • total effective rate 90%
  • Belly circumference decrease 2,1-3,9 cm: 53,3%


  • Focus on the navel area
  • Clean the skin around the navel area
  • String the stomach skin
  • Open the indvidual package and remove the paper covering on the slim patch
  • Past the patch onto the navel area
  • Wear the patch overnight and keep it in place for 12 hours each day.
  • Treatment course in 15 days. 





1 patch

Less than 60 kg

Place around navel

2 patch

60kg-80 kg

Left and right symmetrical sides around the navel

3 patch

80 kg-100 kg

Places around navel

4 patch

More that 100 kg

Up, down, left, right symmetrical sides around navel